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Office.com/setup - Enter office setup product key

The transformation of the PC from a bare computing machine to a user-friendly productivity tool is credited to Microsoft Office in many ways. It combines various applications into single package and makes the user more productive. From its first release to the very recent launch of Office 2019, Microsoft has enhanced and improved the efficiency. Although it consists of up to 12 handy applications and services, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Publisher are the superstars of Office endeavor. Purpose-oriented applications smoothen the manual work and open a new smart and handy dimension of office and domestic work. The Microsoft Office setup can be downloaded from office.com/setup.

Microsoft Office Applications

Here are some more shiny gems of Office package with a brief description of their performance:

  1. Microsoft Word: It provides an additional hand to create any kind of document with ease and professionalism.
  2. Microsoft Excel: It helps to create an account book or spreadsheet without considering complexity of data and criticality of numeric operation.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint: All-in-one application to create any business, academic or domestic presentation.
  4. Microsoft Access: Database management become game with Microsoft Access.
  5. Microsoft Publisher: Marketing oriented app to cater to publishing and creating Marketing stuff.
  6. Microsoft Notebook: Your private organizer to assemble and manage notes and booklet.

How to purchase Microsoft Office Setup?

There are many methods according to different platforms and operating systems. Here are some easy steps to get Microsoft Office Setup.

Step 1

  1. Purchase Microsoft Office Setup online or offline from any retail store.
  2. Purchase of package provides you with a 25 digits alphanumeric code, which is the key to enter into the Microsoft world.
  3. To purchase it online, go to the official website or follow www.office.com/setup.
  4. Sign in to your account and buy the Office package from the different package according to your need and use.

Step 2

After purchasing the Microsoft Office Setup, sign in to your account.

Download Microsoft Office Setup on Windows

  1. Go to download option.
  2. Go through with the instruction and proceed to the next step.
  3. Describe the location where you want to save downloaded Office setup file in your system. By default, it stored in download file of your system.
  4. Mention your location and language and then proceed to the next step.
  5. Check the “I agree” option after reading the terms and conditions of the official agreement document.
  6. Click to next and then Ok.
  7. It will start the downloading of the Office package into your local system.
  8. In case, you want Office setup for your school or home purpose. Sign in with “School and home account” option and follow the instruction to proceed to download the Office setup file.
  9. By default after clicking the OK button, the 64-bit version is automatically downloaded into your system. You can change the version according to your system requirements.
  10. Describe the location where you want to save downloaded Office setup file in your system. By default, it gets stored in the downloads folder of your system.

Installation of Microsoft Office Setup on Windows

  1. Go to the downloaded file.
  2. Double click the setup file to start the installation.
  3. Click to “Run” button.
  4. Click to agree with the term and condition of Office setup.
  5. Select Install option to install the package.
  6. Go with the instructions.
  7. Select “Finish” completing the installation.
  8. It completes the installation successfully.
  9. Now, your system is all set to activate the Office package.

Download Microsoft Office Setup on Mac

  1. Sign in to your Office Account by opening the web browser of your Mac and then opening office.com/setup.
  2. Choose your location and language.
  3. Click to install to initiate the downloading.
  4. It prompts a new screen which asks you to enter your Mac authentication.
  5. Enter your Mac username and password to proceed.
  6. Download it to the desired location and click download.
  7. It starts downloading of Microsoft office into your system.

Installation of Office Setup on Mac

  1. Go to the location where you stored downloaded Office package.
  2. You can identify it with “.dmg” extension.
  3. Double click on the setup file to install it on your Mac.
  4. Go through with the instruction and complete the installation.
  5. A welcome screen on your Mac indicates the successful installation.

How to install MS Office Setup using a CD?

  1. Insert a CD or DVD into your system which you bought from retail store.
  2. Click to install.
  3. Enter the product key. You can find it on the CD case of Office. It is a 25 digits alpha-numeric key.
  4. Go through with the instruction to install the Office setup.
  5. Agree with the term and condition of the Microsoft Office.
  6. Follow the directions and complete the installation process.

Activate Microsoft Office Setup

After the successful installation of Office package on your system, you have to activate it.

  1. Open the official website and sign in to your account.
  2. Click to activate your Office setup by selecting your office package.
  3. Enter your 25 digits alpha-numeric product key.
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction and complete the activation.
  5. Restart your system.
  6. Your Microsoft Office is all set to use.